The Agency

This series of short films (written by Graham Thomas) follows The Agency, a covert government unit setup to train ordinary people and turn them into assassins, this is done by subjecting the trainees to a series of images and sounds, bombarding their senses using a situation in their lives as the key emotion until they are completely open to indoctrination.

The Agency is run by Cain but over seen by Andrews. It is Andrews brain child, but he has an even darker agenda in mind.

The Man With No Face

The series starts with Kendall a man accused of killing another man, we meet Cain and his loyal deputy Davis who are recruiting him as their third subject and refining the indoctrination process. There have been many failures along the way but Cain is very close to perfecting the technique. We see the process first hand as Kendall is subjected to the ordeal of being framed for a killing he did not commit. He finds out that his wife is having an affair with a police inspector and it is they who frame him for the murder. But is his wife and the inspector who they say they are?

I23 Report

Several years later we meet Cathy, another of the Agency’s subjects. Her ordeal is played out in her sister’s house, where she is staying for a while to get over a rather bad break up. As she prepares for bed she begins to hear noises in the house. The radio goes on by itself, then off. She hears voices whispering her name and the face of the man who brought her home (one of Cain’s operatives). She tries to get away from the voices but they are everywhere and getting louder and louder. She is convinced that someone is in the house. She manages to get to the kitchen where she succumbs to the nightmare in her head.

A car pulls up outside. Four men in black get out and enter the house. Cathy is huddled on the floor in the kitchen. We discover that everything she has experienced has been an experiment by Cain, the team leader, that has gone horribly wrong.

Cain orders the team to remove all traces of the experiment from the house and take Cathy back to the Agency.


A few years later we meet up with Cathy again, her indoctrination is now complete and she has finished her training and is now a member of the Agency.

Along with Nick (her supposed boyfriend in I23 Report), she is sent to rescue a trainee Agency operative, but they run into difficulties, because there is someone else in the building and as they move through it they find that the trainee is dead. For Cathy this is her first time in the field and it all goes badly wrong. She panics and accidentally kills her team leader, Davis, along with wounding another team member, Dylan.

Andrews, the project leader arrives, with Seth, Nadia and Noah. They try to clean up and contain the mess. But there are more of these unseen killers out there.

The Room

Three people are trapped in a room, who are they, why are they there, who is in control, who is being tested, the watched or the watchers?
Following on from the “Man With No Face” we see a darker side to the shadowy under belly of British intelligence, called the Agency.

The Cain Legacy

A year later, Cathy is now a seasoned pro. She is comfortable with the Agency and has been on many missions with her team. Andrews has supposedly been hunting down rogue agents who were responsible for the killing of Agency operatives. The last remaining assassin is holed up in a theatre. Andrews sends in the entire team to investigate. The main objective is to find two operatives (Ruth and Able) who were detailed with eliminating the rogue agent. First to go in are Cathy, Nick, Dylan and Noah. As they begin their sweeps through the building Andrews sends in Seth and Nadia as backup.

Once inside, however, the team discover that are being stalked. Gradually, the team starts to get eliminated, one by one. Andrews, realising it has all gone wrong, goes into the theatre himself to deal with it. The last two agents, Nick and Cathy in their final sweep are suddenly confronted by the killers. Nick is shot and as Cathy is tending to him she gets a terrible surprise when she discovers that one of the killers is her twin sister, Rachel, who she never knew existed. We find that Andrews has all along been deceiving the Agency and selling the services of the trained assassins to the highest bidders. The two killers are there to stop Andrews and the rest of his team. We finally learn that Cain and Rachel have been working from with inside the Agency to bring down Andrews and stop him and the Ark Project he started over 12 years ago.

Rachel and Cain meet with Burton, the new head of the Agency and his assistant Stephens where they learn of Andrews pet project called the “Ark”. Rachel explains that Andrews used the MOD as a cover to create an army of biologically engineered soldiers, and that is why he had to be stopped. Rachel gets assurances that she and Cain will be left alone, the Agency agrees to it.